Why Veganize?

Take one carnivore and one vegetarian, and you’ve got Veganize.us.

The idea to create the Veganize community is the virtual result of 15 years of a mixed marriage. We figure if we can blend our eating habits enough to get along in the kitchen, anyone can.

And like marriage itself, it takes a fair amount of compromise from both parties to reach this point but we think the end result is well worth the effort.

In the name of creating happier, healthier relationships and human beings, we want to show the world that veg-heads and carnivores can get along and learn from each other.

Our food choices are the heart of who we are. However we choose to feed our bodies, some of us are more passionate about these choices than others. And when we find it difficult to step down from the soapbox, that’s when conflict occurs.

If we can’t even share a meal together, then what?

Let’s stop dividing into culinary alliances of “us” and “them” and drop the labels. Whether you’re a vegan, omnivore, pescatarian or whatever, why not call a truce to stop scrutinizing each other’s eating habits?

Instead of finding fault in one another’s food choices, let’s emphasize the good so that we may come together in the kitchen and eventually, the world.

We hope you’ll join us in our journey.



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