The Sodium Bomb That Fell on My Head

Yes, I’m one of those vegetarians who likes fake meat products. So what. I’ve been veg for over 25 years and I have a right to enjoy these meat substitutes. I always thought they were da bomb. Until the day the fake meat sodium bomb fell on my head and imploded my world.

fake meat sodium


Fake Meat Sodium Gets My Blood Boiling

When Morningstar products were launched I was thrilled. Since then we’ve seen dozens of others make it onto grocery store shelves from L.A. to Memphis and beyond. I used to rejoice when I spotted veggie products in backwoods towns. Now, this makes me want to scream:

Meat substitutes are killing us with sodium!


  • Morningstar Veggie Burger patties have 350 mg sodium.
  • Beyond Beef Grilled Chicken Strips have 340 mg in SIX strips!
  • Tofurkey Kielbasa are loaded with a whopping 660 mg of sodium in ONE sausage!

The high sodium count is something that never entered my mind. Until two weeks ago when a physician diagnosed me with high blood pressure.

Follow along with my high blood pressure vegetarian journey. . .

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