Are Meat Substitutes Healthy Choices or a Deathwish? You decide.

Since the sodium bomb fell on my head, I’ve started following a low-sodium diet. Switching my evening meal choices away from those “healthy meat substitutes” has been tough. It’s easy to reach for a package of meat, add a salad or side veggies and call dinner done. Now I have to think more about cooking and it takes more time than ever. But the rewards? Well, they’ve been more than worth it. Since I stopped relying on healthy meat substitutes sodium bombs, I:

  • Lost weight
  • Fit into my favorite old Levis better
  • Added more grains to our meals.
  • Can actually taste the huge amounts of sodium in everyday foods.
  • Have lowered my blood pressure considerably (medication helps too).

Are Meat Substitutes Healthy or Lying to Us?

healthy meat substitutes lie

I never thought I was a dumb consumer. But for years, packaging like this had me fooled.

Doesn’t it look so healthy? Organic? Vegan-friendly? Wow, it makes me want to support this little homegrown Tofurkey company from Oregon. Which I’ve done, for decades. From coast-to-coast throughout my RV travels I’ve hunted down these healthy meat substitutes wherever we go, rejoicing whenever I found them in unexpected places.

healthy meat substitutes lie

Sodium in Tofurkey Sausages is insane!

Today, I have to look away. I know that just one of these sausages can put me over the top of my daily 1500 milligrams of sodium. Too much Tofurkey and I’m at risk of of a stroke. It’s just not worth it.

I echo what the Staying Vegan blogger says, Tofurkey, can you please do something about the sodium?

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